Here you can read about a few clients who have benefited from Psychotherapy, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, EMDR or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Changed my life:

“Shoshana has truly changed my life. I feel I wouldn’t have made it through the death of my father and a very troubled past without her. She is a very intuitive person with spiritual wisdom who genuinely cares about helping others. I felt so comfortable with her from the beginning. She creates a very safe atmosphere making you feel as if you can share anything. She has been a major support and has helped me evolve and see life from an entirely different perspective. After every session I am full of positive energy and no matter what negative situation I’m dealing with, I leave feeling as if anything is possible. It is truly something, she has a gift and I am grateful for her and everything she has done for me.”

– Adam, Manhattan Beach, C.A.

Loss of a loved one:

“I had a very difficult time dealing with my mother’s death which is now two years. I had visions of her at a time when I found her lying on the floor, looking fearful and helpless . For the past two years I was unable to speak about my mother without crying, feeling guilt and shame. Since I was treated by Shoshana with EMDR I am now able to speak about my wonderful mother without breaking down, without feeling the guilt and shame… knowing that I had done the best that I could for her. I am still very sad when I speak about her, but I am feeling stronger and I don’t see her in a distressed state. I am very grateful to Shoshana for helping me improve my state of mind.”

– Sarah, Plainview , N.Y.

“Thank You” from a teenage client:

I want to thank you for your caring and helpful support. You showed me that there’s another side to life. That things are going to be o.k. and get better. I never believed that until you. I am so much more positive and look forward to every day. I have learned to begin every day as if it was on purpose. I believe in myself now and I don’t let anyone put me down. You opened up so many opportunities for me, to be positive and happy.

I found myself and I am not afraid anymore. I am proud.

Thank you again!!!!”

– 15 year-old client

Additional words of appreciation:

“Mother’s Day came and went and I thought of you as I reflected on Mothering and Parenting and I wanted to extend my deep gratitude for the ‘work’ you did with me and the way you shared your generous heart and spirit and really reached out to me and offered yourself to me and helped me immensely in so many ways.

There were so many magical and healing beginnings and openings that came for me in my work with you and that happened because you were able to hold a safe and warm and encouraging place for me to explore and discover me.

Thank You.”

– Jennifer, N.Y.

General anxiety and a fear of elevators:

“I came to Shoshana with feelings of generalized anxiety as well as the specific phobia of elevators. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy sessions for my fear of elevators was a great success. It was able to help me reveal what types of feelings were at the core of my discomforts. Through the visual and verbal process of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Shoshana was able to steadily diminish those feelings and offered me soothing images and practical tools which I continue to access for myself when I am in a situation where I feel the need to dissolve fearful feelings. I am happy to report that riding elevators is a peaceful experience for me now.”

– Karen, Long Island, N.Y.

Fear of flying and depression:

“When I came to Shoshana with my fear of flying I was also feeling depressed about the idea that I would never be able to explore anywhere I would have to fly to. My world was feeling very limited and I was feeling trapped. Through hypnotherapy and EMDR I was able to get in touch with the roots of my fearful thoughts and feelings and reprogram with new thoughts and images that continue to serve me as I now travel freely and peacefully wherever and whenever I choose. I have traveled from New York to Hawaii, N.Y. to San Diego, N.Y. to San Francisco. Hypnotherapy and EMDR with Shoshana reopened a world of options , experiences and possibilities for me.”

– KC, N.Y.

Fear of flying and anxiety:

“Dear Shoshana, Thank you so much for helping me with my fear of flying…the EMDR was really helpful…Just days after EMDR I was to fly from New York to California..It was a little after 9/11 and I was fearful, nervous and apprehensive…the EMDR really calmed me down… I flew in peace…”

– Joanne, N.Y.

I walked into Shoshana Levine’s room as a wounded woman! Through my willingness, combined with Shoshana’s light, love, and the gift of healing, I am now living my life from strength and self love.
I am achieving my dreams!!!!
Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

– Kathy, Los Angeles CA

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy:

I decided to try Heart Centered Hypnotherapy as a last resort for my ongoing anger. Although I was skeptical, I felt that my anger was standing in the way of my being happy. I knew that I needed something different than traditional talk therapy to change. After experiencing a session with H.C.H. I felt immediate relief.

Shoshana created a safe loving environment.

Intuitively, Shoshana asked the right questions and unlocked the secrets of my crying soul!!!! She moved me forward by empowering me with tools that set me free from my inner demons and replaced them with self loving affirmations. I am now able to move forward to achieve my dreams.

Thank You Shoshana!

– Miriam

Smoking Cessation:

“Having been a smoker for thirty years, I had my reservations about any smoking cessation program. Nothing had worked in the past.
Even when my beautiful, sweet daughter had asked me several times to stop, I didn’t. I was afraid. Afraid of failure, of being short tempered or stressed out alot or gaining weight.
My mind could come up with any number of excuses, all very real to me, to avoid making a change.
And yet, something in the back of my mind kept whispering ‘you can do it’, ‘you want to do it’, ‘we want to be FREE of this slavery to nicotine’.
So after thirty years of smoking, I found Shoshanna Levine and the ‘Clean Break’ program. Did I have my doubts that this program would work? You bet I did.
The difference this time for me was simple though: I wanted to stop smoking more than I wanted to keep smoking.
Did I dive into the program? I did. Was I freaking out about my ‘quit date’? Yes. Did I do what was requested of me everyday? I did.
Guess what? It was a relief! Simply taking the time each day to listen to the cd’s, doing the 20 minutes of writing and using the simple but effective tools I was given,
I have been blown away by how the Clean Break program makes the quitting so gentle! If you are simply ready and willing this program will work for you.
You can do it…trust me if this stubborn guy can make this change, you can too!

This program will also return you to something very special, that kid in you who wants you to be happy, free of fear and love your self….for this I am grateful beyond words.”

– Evan, Los Angeles, CA

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